TITAN Commerce has been marketing products and services from US and Asian startup companies in Europe for 10 years. With its platforms and and many other major marketplaces, TITAN reaches professional partners as well as end customers in the European market. The focus here is on Mindtecstore, one of the most successful distribution platforms for end customers in this segment in the area of ​​Bio- / Neurofeedback, Medicine, Prevention and Health, Wearables and Sportswear. Outstanding manufacturers such as AliveCor, NeuroSky, InteraXon, Puzzlebox, BodyCap, Emotiv, D-Heart, Plux, Halo and Macrotellect and many more can be found at Visit for our commercial network and network analysis products, including partners such as Datacom Systems, Hotlava Systems, Blue Planet by Ciena (former Packet Design), US Robotics, Tamosoft, and more.

Secure Communication


Gabriel Collaboration Suite provides an integrated set of secure applications including Mail, Messaging, File Sharing & Sync, and Voice Calls. Each feature provides privacy, security and seamless cross-platform communications between trusted contacts.

Excellent Brain ADHD Neurofeedback Training Kit


Excellent Brain is a state-of-the-art real-time training platform designed to improve cognitive skills through regular neurofeedback training.

We expand your Sales network in Europe

We are present in various marketplaces to market your product to the European market​

  • Build a retailer network

  • Distribution and support of several online shops like: Amazon, Ebay, Mindtec Store, IP-Netshop...


About Us

TITAN Commerce Continental Services GmbH is a german based company and was founded in 2000. TITAN Commerce is your professional partner in the marketing of international products in the European market with the main focus on network technology, Bio-/ Neurofeedback, Wearables and Sportswear.


With many years of experience our team consisting of sales, marketing and logistics experts ensures that we can always provide powerful high-END products with a great price-performance ratio.


Thanks to cooperation with well-known partners such as Datacom Systems, NeuroSky, InteraXon, Hot Lava, VirnetX and Packet Design as well as the own development of tailor-made solutions, you will always find the right solution for your needs. Connect with us and benefit from our expertise!




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